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Welcome to the Annual HPDMC Fall Motorcycle Run web site . . . A great big THANK YOU to all of our participants, sponsors, and run staff. . . It was a Great Run!! . . . See you next year!!


What a Comeback!
After two years of domancy, the club was able to not only successfully re-instate the run, but we sold the run out!  By 9:00 am on Run Day, we were at capacity.  It was a great day, although the morning started out with a little cloud and mist, Mother Nature held back for us and gave us a great run day.  The Bear Mountain trip was a first for the club, but it seems that it was popular beyond our expectations, so we will repeat the trip again next year!

The run itself would not have been possible without the help and support of some very important people, first off...

Mike Aviles
Mike was the main force behind getting the run back together, his determination to put the run back on its feet was nothing short of miraculous.  He made sure that we had people, shirts, and bikes for the run.  He was there every step of the way and the lion's share of credit goes to him.....Mike, without your help, I don't think the run would have went off this year, thanks.

Russell Breninger & Al Mauro
These guys are the best!  Russell has been a participant for many years along with his wife, Mary Alice. Both Russell and Al are certified road guards and are with Obal's Aces M/C.  My gratitude go to both of them for not only escorting the run, but for taking on a task that I sought help for & couldn't get any. Kudos guys!

Patrick Walsh & Cooper's Union
With the security re-designs recently done at the police station, it could no longer be considered as the check-in location for the run, but I am grateful for the many years that One Police Plaza was our check-in point.  Hearing of our delimma, my very good friend (and run sponsor) Pat Walsh offered his place to host check-in.  Pat has not only been a supporter of the Hoboken Police, but he's a solid stand-up guy in support of law enforcement.  On run day, he and his staff treated us like family.  I am truly blessed in having a friend like Pat and I thank him & Cooper's for their solid support.

The Members of the Hoboken Police Department
You know you are blessed when you have the love and support of the people you work with.  I am especially blessed by the fact that so many of my colleagues, both active  retired, joined us on the run this year, not only to participate, but to help as well. To Charlie, Frankie, Anthony, Liana, Michael, Jonathan, & Ben, my deepest thanks. I also want to take a moment to recognize my old partner, Retired Officer Tom O' Connor.  It was for Tom's grandson, Jayden Thomas O'Connor, that we were originally going to hold the cancelled 2015 Run before his daughter Jennifer suffered an almost fatal motorcycle accident.  I was gratified to to have not only Tom & his wife Unok, but to have his daughter, Jennifer O'Connor attend and participate in the run. I am truly thankful to God for Jennifer's recovery and I hope little Jayden is smiling.

Our Sponsors
Sponsorship of the run is sooo important.  It helps us do the things we might not otherwise be able to afford to do to make the run successful.  I am grateful to Pat Walsh & Cooper's Union for hosting our starting point, and to Tyler Rhodes and the staff at Rhodes North in Sloatsburg, NY for giving us a place to eat this year....the food was great & you treated us like royalty, thank you!  My deepest gratitude also go to my two biggest supporters and original sponsors, Tara Kovatch from The Shannon, and Aidan Boyle from Mc Swiggans...they've been there for me since I first thought of getting sponsors & they've never batted an eye about writing me a check for the run every year I've asked.  You guys are the best & I am blessed to have both your friendship and your support, thank you!  I am also very thankful to Christine Bridgelal and BCB Community Bank for agreeing to be our newest sponsor.  BCB has been a stong supporter of community events and I am grateful that they agreed to support our cause, again thank you! Finally, back to Mike Aviles and NFG Apparel Co for making the knock-out t-shirts for the run, they are the best looking t-shirts so far & I'm appreciative of all the work you did (with no "time" given) to get them ready for run day, thanks to NFG. And finally, my thanks to Motorcycle Mall in Belleville and Eagle Rider, for going above and beyond for our participants.  By providing us with rental bikes (a lot), many of the participants who couldn't otherwise go were able to come on the run.  I am grateful for your consideration, generousity, and for the way you accomodated us this year, my hats off to you and my deepest thanks.  My thanks also to Jerry Friedman, Esq. of Law4Hogs.com, Lets-Ride.com, Cyclefish.com, and LightningCustoms.com for listing our run this year.  Additional thanks go out to Jerry, who also graciously donated kickstand plates for our participants.

Our Participants
Again, I say it repeatedly....if it wasn't for each of you signing up (on-line or in-person), and coming along with us on our journey, this run would amount to nothing. It's you, the run participants that make this run happen, and I am so happy that you came back after our two year hiatus.  I also want to thank Obal's Aces M/C and the Insane Riders M/C for joining our run this year as well.  Each year that we have held the run, we have tried to make it better....learning on our mistakes of previous runs (yea, we had some...lol) and improving upon at least one thing to make the run better, safer, more enjoyable. I am, quite frankly, amazed to see how this run has evolved over the years since I first had the idea of just "going for breakfast" with a couple of the guys in 2005.  It is something that I never imagined and I am honored beyond words that I have the interest and participation of so many of you.  I have worked since then to make the run something that people come back for again and again, and I can always use your input.  I need your feedback in order to improve the run.  Don't get me wrong, I love when people tell me "It was great" or "I can't wait to ride with you again next year", but I also want to know what you weren't thrilled with...what you didn't like...what concerned you.  that's why I would like you to contact me directly.  Whether is was check-in, on the road, stopping for gas, the restaurant, or on the return trip, I'd like to hear your comments and/or suggestions...it's one of the ways I can truly improve the run, so please give me your thoughts on the run or any part of it by e-mailing me at robert@hpdfallrun.com. I will glady accept all suggestions (like keeping this web site up permanently) and advice, and look forward to your input.  Although I am retiring from the police department after 35 years of service, I am still going to be the main part of this run. As long as I have the support and assistance of all of you, I will work continously to give you the best ridiing experience that I can...because it's my passion too & I love sharing it with all of you.

To All of You, God Bless you and...

Bob Fulton
Run Founder &
Club President

Our run meets at Coopers Union, next to the Hoboken Police station where registration & check-in will occur from 8:30 am until 9:30 am.  At approximately 9:30, it's "kickstands up" as we leave Hoboken and travel up along the New Jersey Turnpike to the Palisades Interstate Parkway, where we travel north into New York and up to Bear Mountain, where we will stop at Perkins Tower before resuming travel along Seven Lakes Drive to Sloatsburg, NY, and to our breakfast destination, the historic Rhodes North Tavern & Restaurant to sit down and enjoy Sunday Brunch. After brunch, the group returns home via Route 17 South back to New Jersey & to Hoboken.
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